anna banana's music page

anna playing her accordion
anna and her accordion

Included below is a sampling of music that i wrote or performed. Thanks for checking it out! --anna

Radio Commercial for Minimally Invasive Procedures... My accordion playing was featured in this radio spot!

cindy called (mp3) lounge beats mixed with the audio of a wrong-number caller who left a particularly interesting message.

karla's chips and salsa theme (mp3) inspired by Karla's song, Jenn's Burrito Theme, this song further explores the complexities of Mexican food themed songs.

chris (this one's for you)(mp3) a quirky, cute little love song i wrote for my husband.

thing 2 (mp3) bar brawl music meets the vibraslap.

king softie (mp3) a happy accordion song with a rock beat!

starshine (mp3) an accoustic, melodic soundscape.

mobile ped (mp3) a jazzy lounge piece featuring my very own vocal stylings.

snacks (mp3) a quirky, jaunty, goofy rock song i wrote about my favorite foods. and yes, that's me singing.

take me to the popo (mp3) are you ready to rock? i think you are. let's go!

variation 5 (midi) classical style homage to Beethoven.

bizzaro! (mp3) for all you Sealab 2021 fans out there, i give you this song with sampled sound bytes from the bizarri episode!

beer (mp3) it might sound like a cow mooing, but it's really Homer saying "mmm."

okay (animated flash) my first techno song. very silly.

composition 2 (midi) an accordion song i wrote for a class, presented here in squarewave!

if you would like to hear more music, please visit my accordion site!