Freut euch des Lebens

Freut euch des Lebens

Freut euch des Lebens is a German song translated into English as this:

Life makes you happy,
Because still the small lamp glows;
Pick the rose,
D'oh! it withers!

Here is a soundclip of me playing.

1. One so easily creates worries and strifes,
and develops a familiarity with thorns.
The violet leaves go unnoticed,
Yet, this is how we bloom.
Life makes you happy.

2. If the shy hide themselves,
When the thunder begins to roar,
It is they who laugh in the evening after the storm
When the sun sets so beautifully.
Life makes you happy.

3. One who escapes envy and disfavor
And acts with modesty in the Gaertchen,
Quickly attaches to the Baeumchen,
which carries golden fruits.
Life makes you happy.

4. One who practices honesty and loyalty
And gladly gives to the poorer brother,
With satisfaction builds himself
So gladly on his Huettchen
Life makes you happy.

5. And if the path begins to fade,
And misfortune troubles and pushes us,
Our friendships will be enough
the hand to the fair one
Life makes you happy.

6. She dries away her tears,
And strews flowers on the grave;
Night changes to dawn,
And dawns the light.
Life makes you happy.

7. Life is the most beautiful bond:
Strike, brothers, cozy hand in hand!
Thus one wallt gladly, then one wallt easily,
In the better native country.
Life makes you happy.

Words: Martin Usteri. Translation: Babelfish