1. Me an' my wife and my wife's pap,
  We all live down in Cumberland Gap.
  Cumberland Gap, Cumberland Gap
  Mmm*... 'way down yonder in Cumberland Gap

2. Cumberland Gap is a noted place,
  Three kinds of water to wash your face

3. The first white man in Cumberland Gap,
  Was Doctor Walker, an English chap.

4. Daniel Boone on Pinnacle Rock,
  He killed Injuns with his old flintlock.

5. Lay down, boys, and take a little nap,
  Fo'teen miles to the Cumberland Gap.

6. Old Aunt Dinah, if you don't keer,,
  Leave my little jug a-setten' right hyer.

7. Old Aunt Dinah tuck a little spell,
  Broke my little jug all to hell.

8. I've got a woman in Cumberland Gap,
  She's got a boy that calls me 'pap.'

9. Me an' my wife and my wife's pap,
  All raise hell in Cumberland Gap,


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